a 5x5" book with drawn from life bugs

bugs have faces too and feelings of their own
but do not care about the edge of the sea or electrical outlets
nor practice the 7 deadly sins of greed gluttony lust envy sloth
wrath pride, nor wear shawls and lipstick
untangled from the long curlies to a children’s bothy, all paid off in 92
the bugs seem frisky as goats in a cold bath
it was a winter tableau they did traverse
a white deer pulling santa’s sleigh nestled bunnies in the snow
past this mawkish scene they scurry to the cosmologist’s office
where professional devotees serve refreshment on silver trays
while the bugs softly croon their nomadic melody the starving ears have

come to hear and to the she who desires dolphins but does not prefer bugs
even if they owned three steamboats and she hates roses too
as she threw them down on their small heads

nothing good happens to bugs they have a brief moment now and again
but it is mostly the demands of wearing stone veils across those wee features


    end of story -  you won’t be sad for long